At Collierville Animal Clinic & Surgery Center, we know how important it is for pet owners in the Memphis area to have a reliable and safe boarding facility where they can take their pets when they leave town. We pride ourselves in providing facilities at our Pet Resort that are comfortable and safe, where pets can relax and get the care they need while their owners are away.

Why Pet Owners Board with Our Collierville Veterinarian

At Collierville Animal Clinic Pet Resort, we provide the following services in our boarding facility serving Germantown, Piperton, Collierville, and the surrounding areas:

  • Spacious crates. We provide each animal with a crate appropriate for his or her size, so each pet can be comfortable in his or her quarters. Each pet is given his or her own space, but we do our best to accommodate pet owners who wish to board pets together. Pet owners who wish to upgrade their pets to a larger crate may do so, provided that the space is available.
  • Bathing and grooming. Pet bathing and grooming is available, so your pet can leave our facility looking and feeling his or her best. Pet owners love this service because it eliminates items from there to do list when they return from a long trip. If you wish to include a grooming service, resort staff will arrange for a pick up time with you.
  • Medication services. For pets that require medication for their conditions, we administer medicine and insulin. Talk to the staff about your pet’s medication needs when checking in your pet.
  • Exercise. As an animal hospital, we know how important it is for pets to get exercise. Exercise helps your pet relax and stay healthy; that’s why we exercise your pet at least four times each day during his or her stay at our facility.
  • Emergency medical treatment. With a veterinarian on site, we can help pets when they experience a medical emergency. Pet owners like knowing that their pets are safe in the hands of a qualified medical professional.
Why You Should Board Your Pet with Us

There are many reasons to board your pet at our facility in Collierville. Some of the advantages of using our boarding service include:

  • Peace of mind while away from home. When you leave your pet with Collierville Animal Clinic Pet Resort, you can rest assured that we’ll provide your pet with superb care. This will enable you to enjoy your trip.
  • Opportunity for pet socialization. When your pet comes to Collierville Animal Clinic, he or she will meet with many other people and animals, which presents a good opportunity for socialization.
  • Your pet will eat well and exercise well during the stay! We make sure that all pets in our care get nutritious food and plenty of exercise.
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If you’re looking for a boarding facility serving Collierville, Germantown, Piperton or the other communities surrounding Memphis, contact our Pet Resort at (901) 854-1500 today! We’ll be happy to take care of your pet in your absence. Feel free to contact Collierville Animal Clinic & Surgery Center today at 901-853-8519 with any other questions.